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Home Equity Line of Credit

We'll pay your closing costs.

For a limited time, SCU will pay all normal closing costs on new Home Equity Lines of Credit. (No more than once every 24 months.)


2.9% APR for the first year, then adjusts to the Prime Rate, as reported by the Wall Street Journal, plus 1.00% APR with a maximum rate of 18.00% APR.

Consult with your tax advisor about tax deductibility. As of 12/14/2016, the Prime Rate was 3.75% APR. Rates adjust quarterly if there is a change in the Prime Rate. Flood/property/hazard insurance may be required.

Rates effective as of December 14, 2016.

Why a home equity line?

The Funding You Need

Borrow up to 85% of your home's value, minus existing mortgage(s).


Write a home equity check for $100 or more.

No Extra Charges

No prepayment penalties; no annual fee.

Tax Deductions

The interest you pay may be tax deductible - ask your tax professional.

Three ways to apply.

Call us.


Send an email.

Include your name and contact information only. Do not include any confidential information.

Stop by one of our branches and speak to a loan officer.