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Mailing Address

State Credit Union
PO Box 726
Columbia, SC 29202

Use for all payments and branch mail.

Administrative Offices

State Credit Union
800 Huger Street
Columbia, SC 29201



Never email your account numbers, member number, PIN, or Social Security Number to The email address is not secure. Use our Secure Email Link to send us any confidential information. Or, you may call us, fax us, or send us an email to with your name and phone number only. We will contact you directly.

Contact us immediately if you ever suspect fraud or receive suspicious emails or phone calls about your State Credit Union accounts.

SCU Routing Number


You can contact State Credit Union's Supervisory committee for two types of independent reviews:

Contact the Supervisory Committee if you suspect any State Credit Union employee or official of fraudulent or unethical conduct. Reports may be made anonymously. All reviews and investigations will be conducted with a degree of confidentiality that may be applicable given the circumstances of each investigation. Please include as much applicable information relative to the allegations as possible. Reports should include:

  1. Name(s) of suspect(s)
  2. Nature of the suspected conduct
  3. Where/how the action occurred
  4. How and when the conduct was discovered

Contact the Supervisory Committee if you have any unresolved concerns about State Credit union or your accounts. This method should NOT be used for general inquiries. Reports should be limited to matters the credit union has been unable to resolve through normal channels to your satisfaction. Reports should include:

  1. Your name
  2. Applicable account numbers
  3. Detailed description of the activity of concern including dates, amounts, and types of transactions
  4. Clear explanation of why you have concerns about the activity
  5. Efforts you have made to resolve your concerns prior to the request

Use the link to the SCU Secure Email Message Center to send your report through secure email. Choose Supervisory Committee Reporting as the email recipient. This method should be used if you are sending any confidential information with your report


Reports can be mailed to:

Supervisory Committee
SC State Federal Credit Union
PO Box 3822
West Columbia, SC 29171