Financial Education & Counseling

Get on the path to financial stability.

Through an expanded relationship with Money Management International, SCU members can now have access to Mapping Your Future Financial Solutions!  This means our members can take advantage of new and improved financial education resources such as videos, interactive courses, games and quizzes to help stay focused on improving their financial picture. Simply create an account with the Get Started button below and log in to gain access! Use SCU as the access code when prompted.  Or, if you'd like to speak confidentially to a Credit Counselor, please call 866-490-0458. We're happy to help you.

Financial Basics

Cover the basics including goal setting, managing financial accounts, and understanding credit.

Budgeting and Money Managing 

Dive deeper into your financials and review how to set measurable and attainable goals such as paying off debts. This course discussed how to effectively manage money.

Managing Your Credit

Learn how to read credit reports and understand your credit score.  Understand credit vs. debit cards and more.

Financial Trouble

Review what to do if you're in financial trouble. Learn how to create a debt reduction plan and understand your rights when dealing with debt collectors.

Saving and Investing

Learn why and how to invest including how to save money now.

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