Travel Precautions

If you'll be leaving the country, or even spending a week or more away from your home location, take some special precautions with your debit and credit cards.

  • Be aware that sometimes a transaction made outside of your normal pattern can trigger a hold or block on your account. You can prevent this inconvenience by notifying us about your travels in advance.
  • There's no additional fee for foreign currency exchange when using your SCU Visa Debit or SCU Visa Credit Card. They may be the best value in your wallet when you travel overseas.
  • Test your card before you leave to confirm you have the valid PIN. This is especially important if you need to use a credit card at an ATM but don't do so normally. Be sure to review ATM Safety precautions as foreign ATMs may be less secure than ATMs at home.
  • Verify you card will not expire while you are on your trip.
  • If your card should be declined and you are not over your limit, call 1-888-918-7313 anytime to see if your card has been blocked.
  • Pack cards separately - one in a purse, one in a suitcase, for example.
  • Pay attention to local warnings about pickpockets and stay observant.
  • Keep a copy of your account number and make a note of our toll-free numbers on the copy.
  • Reloadable prepaid cards provide an alternative to using your regular credit or debit card while traveling. They offer the same convenience without access to your full checking account balance or credit card credit line.