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SCU Reloadable Visa Prepaid Cards

Practical prepaid cards offer lots of possibilities. An Alternative with New Possibilities

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SCU's Visa Prepaid card works just like a Visa Debit card but with no checking account and no credit check. Load it with money and you can use it everywhere Visa Debit cards are accepted - to make purchases, pay bills and get cash at more than a million ATMs worldwide.

When it runs out of money, just reload it online or by phone. (Cards and additional reload options will be available at SCU branches beginning in January 2012.  You can even have your paycheck or a portion of it deposited directly to your Visa Prepaid card so you’ll have instant access to your money without the hassle of making a trip to the branch to cash a check.)

In addition to worldwide acceptance and Visa's Zero Liability policy, reloadable Prepaid cards offer new alternatives:

Shopping & Traveling: Prepaid cards make it easy to
stick to your budget while adding to your safety. 
  • Establish shopping or travel budgets in advance by making deposits to your prepaid card
  • Then spend by using your prepaid card only
  • Worldwide purchasing, ATM and online access
  • Safer than carrying cash or using your regular credit card online
Please review the Terms & Conditions for important details about how hotel, restaurant and foreign currency transactions are handled.

For Parents: Load your child's allowance or gifts onto a prepaid card to teach the fundamentals of money management without overdraft fees.
  • Convenient, safe spending, even online
  • Limited and controlled set of funds
  • No overdrafts!
  • Reload the card as needed, online or by phone
  • Card can be replaced if lost or stolen
  • Your child can even get cash at any SCU or Visa ATM
An Alternative to Checking Accounts: If you've had trouble with checking accounts, consider:
  • No credit check, no finance charges
  • Provides the same convenience
  • Puts you in complete control of your spending
  • You decide how much to put on the card; your purchases are limited to that amount
  • Generally less expensive than paying frequent late payment or overdraft fees

A Budgeting Resource:  Many people like to create separate accounts to help with budgeting. 
  • Designate a different prepaid card for each of your major expenses: groceries, utilities, day care, clothing, etc.
  • Fund each card with the budgeted amount
  • Pay your bills using the designated card and keep everything under control!

FAQs:  Download a PDF of frequently asked questions.

Get Card/Load Funds: Click here to set up your card. The secure page will open in a separate window.  (You must have a State Credit Union credit or debit card for the initial funding.)  Here you also can activate a new card, check account balances and activity; change your password, download a dispute form and more.  NOTE: When choosing your card design, be aware that any secondary cards ordered will come with the same design.

Terms & Conditions for all cards

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