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Secured Visa

Get yours and make life easier.

If you've had trouble getting a credit card due to less than perfect credit, life is harder than it needs to be.  Now, getting a Visa Classic credit card is practically guaranteed when you secure it with funds in an SCU Savings account.

Set aside $300 to $5,000 in an SCU Savings account as security protecting your credit line.  We'll hold the funds as a guarantee and issue your Visa credit card in the same amount.

A tax refund can be your start to a Visa credit card!
Just put all or a portion of it in an SCU Savings account to secure your card.

Your card will have the same benefits and terms of our regular Classic Visa card:
  • Low rate & no annual fee; (Complete credit card pricing details here)
  • Relationship Rewards points for every purchase, redeemable for merchandise, travel and CASH
  • Free Identity Theft 911 resolution services
  • No transaction fee for cash advances
  • Free online access
  • Travel accident insurance
  • A great way to rebuild your credit score
Request Your Secured Visa Card Here
Requirements for using this secure online request:

1. You must be a member of State Credit Union. (Learn how to join.)

2. By requesting your Visa, you are pledging funds in your membership savings account to secure your card, which means you will no longer have normal access to those funds.

3. You may choose any amount between $300 and $5,000 for your Visa credit line. You must have the same amount currently on deposit in your savings account for us to open your new credit card account.  Please indicate the credit line amount you wish in the form below.

NOTE: Items beginning with * are required.





Please review the agreement below, scroll down and sign. Then click Submit to complete your request.
State Credit Union Secured Credit Card Account Agreement

By signing electronically below, I hereby agree to pledge the amount shown above in Credit Line Amount Requested, which is on deposit in my State Credit Union membership savings account, as security for any balance, interest and/or other charges I may have on my credit card account with State Credit Union.

I further agree and understand that funds which have been pledged may not be withdrawn by me or anyone except for the purpose of paying any balance, interest and/or other charges that may be due and payable to State Credit Union by me. If there are no payments due to the credit union, I understand that I may cancel this agreement by surrendering my credit card to the credit union if there is not a balance on my credit card account at the time the card is surrendered.

In the event that my credit card account becomes past due, I understand and agree that State Credit Union will transfer any funds necessary to pay off the balance and interest due on my credit card account. I also understand that the credit union may cancel this card in the event that I make charges in an amount which exceeds the monies I have pledged.

I agree that State Credit Union has the right to deduct any money I owe for the minimum periodic payment past due or the entire unpaid balance past due from my account, including shares and deposits, or instruments I have now or hereafter may have with the credit union, except shares of deposits which may be held pursuant to an Individual Retirement Account. The statements herein are submitted for the purpose of obtaining credit and are certified to be true, complete and accurate. I expressly authorize the credit union to obtain any information required concerning this application and to make periodic inquiries of others concerning the foregoing information and to provide, periodically, information arising out of my transactions with the credit union to others.

Upon approval, you will receive disclosures as required by the Federal Truth-in-Lending Act and a cardholder agreement. By initiating the first transaction, Cardholder agrees to the terms and conditions of the agreement and that use and obligation for use of the cards shall be pursuant to those terms and conditions. Refer here for disclosure of Classic Visa rates, fees and other information, as applicable. The undersigned hereby requests a Visa card which also may be used for the purpose of accessing a line of credit through available automated devices. The undersigned applicant acknowledges and agrees to pay the account, thereby applied for, in full. It is further understood that this application for credit remains the property of State Credit Union. With mutual agreement, this agreement may be changed and/or terminated at any time.

*State Credit Union is the trade name for S.C. State Federal Credit Union.

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