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Valuable Rewards
Earn rewards with every Visa purchase. Redeem for cash, travel and more.


Visa-How to Apply

For non-members of State Credit Union

Applying for an SCU Visa credit card also means you are applying for membership in State Credit Union.                                            Learn more about membership

When your credit card application is approved and we've verified your identity and membership eligibility, we'll award 500 Relationship Rewards points as a new member bonus. We'll redeem those points for $5.00 to fund your membership savings account.

Please read the important information below before applying. Additional agreements and disclosures will be provided to you before your first use of these new accounts.

Then, click here to reach our secure application for a more rewarding Visa and State Credit Union membership.

Disclosures related to Membership in State Credit Union

I/we hereby make application for the account(s) and/or membership indicated and agree to conform to the Bylaws, as may be amended, of SC State Credit Union ("Credit Union"). I certify that I am within the field of membership of this Credit Union if membership is requested. I/we certify the signature(s) on the membership application card to be received will apply to all accounts designated on the front; and all information provided will be true and correct. Upon receipt, I also acknowledge that I agree to be bound by any terms and conditions in the application, and in the Consolidated Agreements & Disclosures Booklet, Truth-in-Savings Act Rate and Fee Schedule, and any Special Account or other separate Account Service Applications or Agreements as amended from time to time, which are incorporated herein by reference. All present and future deposits to the account(s) designated in the application secure payment of any account owner's obligations to the Credit Union. The application authorizes the Credit Union to open future sub-accounts and/or services in the names of the owners or Account Title listed on the front.

I [We] agree with each other and the S.C. State Credit Union that: 1-The credit union is requested and authorized to recognize either signature as having equal authority when there is more than one owner; 2-This account will be established with full right of survivorship when there is more than one owner; 3- I [We] authorize you to obtain information, including a consumer credit report, to check my credit or other banking records, to determine other credit union services that may be available; 4-I [We] hereby pledge all funds in this account toward any transaction made by either of us in this or any other account either of us may have with the credit union; 5-Any or all owners of this account may pledge any specific portion of shares [deposits] in this account as collateral to secure a loan with the credit union.

Account Ownership (Applicable if joint owners):  The owners intend to and do hereby create a joint tenancy with rights of survivorship; and specifically agree to the terms set forth in the Consolidated Agreements & Disclosures Booklet including but not limited to the Credit Union’s rights to pay or transfer any deposits by the order of any owner, to accept a pledge of all sums deposited now or in the future from any owner, and to enforce any legal or contractual lien rights as to any owner’s obligations.

Consent to Electronic Disclosures: If I use, apply for or access any electronic services of the Credit Union, I agree to receive disclosures electronically, and have the ability to do so, as described in “TERMS AND CONSENT APPLICABLE TO ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES” of the Consolidated Agreements & Disclosures Booklet. Accounts opened via telephonic or electronic means will rely on the signatures set forth on the application card as the physical signature of the owners/authorized users of this/these accounts as applicable.

Internal Revenue Code and Bank Secrecy Act Disclosures: The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) does not require the applicant's consent to any provision of this document other than the certification required to avoid backup withholding included in the membership application which will be sent to you before your account is opened. I understand and agree that the Patriot's Act of 2001 obligates all persons seeking to open an account to fully comply with the identity verification requirements of the Bank Secrecy Act, as amended from time to time. TRANSACTIONS TO/FROM ANY ACCOUNTS MAY BE LIMITED UNTIL ID VERIFICATION OF ALL APPLICABLE PERSONS IS COMPLETED.

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