Important Information for SCUs Visa Credit Card Holders

Sep 16, 2019

Here at State Credit Union, we are continuously working to improve our services for our members satisfaction. Accordingly, we have recently chosen a new processor to better service your credit card needs.  This enhancement will take place from Friday, September 20 to Monday, September 23.

 What this means to our members:

  1. You will still be able to use your card during this time period. One-time and recurring purchases will still be processed as normal.
  2. Please check your balance, make payments, download your eStatements, or transact any other online banking related SCU credit cards before September 20.
  3. Prior SCU Visa eStatements will not be obtainable online after September 20. Please download and save any necessary eStatements before September 20. Upon request, SCU will be able to provide past SCU Visa eStatements after construction is complete.
  4. From September 20 to September 23, your credit card will be temporarily removed from online banking while the improvements are in process.
  5. Cardholders will receive their September statements as a paper statement.  Subsequent statements will automatically revert back to eStatements if you were previously enrolled in eStatements.
  6. If you have setup your SCU Visa to be paid via Bill Pay, please note the new mailing address. All payments being mailed must now be sent to the following address:  
    • PO Box 71050
      Charlotte, NC 28272-1050

Additional FAQs:

Am I receiving a new Credit Card?

Not at this time.  We are changing our credit card processor to better serve your Credit Card needs, however, this process will be seamless for the members and you will not receive a new credit card until your current card expires.  

Will my interest rate change as part of this conversion?

No. Your interest rate and other terms on your account will not change as part of the conversion.

Will I need a new PIN?

No.  This will not impact your PIN.

What do I need to do if I have preauthorized or recurring payments that are tied to my existing State Credit Union Credit Card?

Nothing.  You will not be receiving a new credit card so this will not impact recurring bills

Will the due date for my credit card payment change?

No.  Your due date will stay the same.

Will my previous card history transfer to my new card number so I have access to the information if needed?

Yes, however, you will need to contact the credit union to obtain prior month statement copies after the conversion date.  Previous month statement copies will be available online until September 21.  Please download or print statement copies if you need them for your records. 

Will the Rewards program change?

Yes.  The rewards program will change from UChoose to CU Rewards.  You will also keep all your points.  Points will be good for three years and expire at the end of December in the third year.

What will happen to my existing points?

All points will transfer.  However, to allow time to transfer points, there will be a short period between September 23 and October 7, when the points will not display and will not be redeemable.  Should you anticipate redeeming any rewards, it should be done prior to September 20, 2019. Otherwise, it will need to be done after October 7, 2019.

Is there a new activation number? 

Yes. If you activate your credit card on September 22, 2019 or after, please call our new number 800-631-3197.

We are very excited to bring you this enhancement and as always, we thank you for being a State Credit Union member!

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