Save Money With SCU's Low Rates

Jun 28, 2018

SCU members, call or visit today to see if we can save you money by moving your secured loans to us....this means mortgages, home equity lines, car loans, motorcycle loans, etc.  Our interest rates are often times the best around!  Plus, for every secured loan you move to SCU from another financial institution, you will receive up to a $100.00 Visa Gift Card!  Ready to apply?  Click here!  Or call 800.868.8740 or visit your local branch today!

And if you're not a member of SCU, joining is EASY!  Click here to learn more!


Members must be in good standing with State Credit Union.  To receive a gift card, members may obtain or refinance a closed-end mortgage with State Credit Union or refinance the following secured loans from another institution:  a Home Equity Line of Credit with a corresponding advance, a new or used car, boat or "other" secured loans such as those for jet skis and motorcycles.  If the refinanced amount or advance is between $5,000.00 and $9,999.99, the member will receive a $50 Visa gift card.  If the refinanced amount is $10,000.00 or more, the Visa gift card will be $100.  The term "new" refers to new vehicles and is defined as five years old or newer and with less than 60,000 miles.  There is no limit to the number of Visa Gift Cards a member can receive. Existing loan balances cannot be divided to qualify as multiple loans.  Rate is subject to credit worthiness, member's credit union relationship, and term.  Rates, conditions and programs are subject to change without notice.

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