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Redeem your points for cash or prizes.

Redeem for Cash

Use the form below to redeem points for cash up to four times per year or use to cover service charges 12 times a year. Please allow four business days for processing.

By Fax
Download form (PDF) and send to 803-454-8044. Please allow four days for processing.

Credit: 1 point for every $1.
Debit Signed as Credit: 1 point for every $5.

Redeem for Prizes

  • Merchandise
  • Gift Cards
  • Event Tickets
  • Travel
  • Merchant Bonuses and Discounts

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Redeem your points for cash.

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Amount to Redeem You may redeem 1,000 points only to cover the $10 service charge in a Relationship Checking account. The redeemed funds must be deposited to that account.

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